FakeAlert malware spreads in France

FakeAlert malware spreads in France

Eset teams have spotted a flagrant increase in the proliferation of HTML/FakeAlert malware on French soil. It sends fake alert messages to trick users into calling premium rate numbers.

The HTML Malware/Fake Alerte is spreading alarmingly on French soil. According to the Eset teams who sounded the alarm, France is the most infected country. This virus thus represents 25% of all malicious software detected by the publisher in the country between September 5 and October 5. HTML/Fake Alert falls under the category of fake support scams. Through a fraudulent web page, he informs the user that his computer is infected and pushes him to call a fake premium service or to download a corrective patch, stuffed with real viruses.

According to Eset teams, these attacks generally target English-speaking countries, obviously to have the greatest number of potential victims. But sometimes attack campaigns are translated into other languages. And today, it is clearly France that is targeted. But it is not the only country affected. According to Eset, HTML/FakeAlert accounted for 2.05% of global infections on September 17th.

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